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Twitch Logo Finished by bluefir111 Twitch Logo Finished :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 1 0
Mature content
Dance From Hell :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Dj RaveCow Before The Show by bluefir111 Dj RaveCow Before The Show :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 1 0
once upon a time there was a m
Magical Cow
once upon a time there was a magical cow. this magical cow had not had his coffee in the morning so he came up with a really tranced out story to explain why hes a magical cow. you see this cow lived all alone in a field of endless glowsticks till one day someone came along and became friends with the magical cow. that someone was a magical rave panda. now the magical cow and rave panda hardstyled till the sun set and the field glowed with the brightest of neon colors. they danced and dance and world soon glowed brighter with the energy of their dancing that had filled the world with so much warmth and love that the wars of the world ended. peace was had, hardstyle was listen too, edm became the new peace treaty. the world was once again whole. all because of this magical rave cow and a magical rave panda
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
November 14th pt 1
November 14th pt 1.
By: bluefir111
I close my eyes
And begin to cry
With theses lost tears of mine
Oh how I long to be loved
To just be held in someones arms
Just to hold you in my heart.
My eyes they burn
With these sad memories
That cloud my mind every time
I look deep into your heart
and I see I'm not there anymore.
Close your eyes
And fall from the skies
I hope you burn to the ground
For all the things you caused.
I've wondered for weeks
And even moths
Just slowly wondering
Through this dark dismal world
That I once called my life.
I want you to burn
Right down to your core
Feeling all the pain I've been through
The nights I've stayed awake
Just typing away
Feeling my life drain away.
But even through all this pain
All this suffering you have to bring
I still stand here by your side
Slowly being crushed
By all the strain
That I'm putting on my own self
Just to deal with this situation.
I keep my eyes closed
With the tears that run down my face
With a smile of that of a mad man
I ta
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Rave Cow Takes A Pose by bluefir111 Rave Cow Takes A Pose :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 1 2
Mature content
New years horror poem :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Broken Mind
Broken mind
Theres no limit
to how far my mind will go
to trick me
to make me halusinate
Im here
i rear the world
as it will one day stand still
but when that day comes
the oices in my mind will continue on
Im riding this
miserable feeling
to as far as i can take it
The blood that surrounds me
as it flows up the wall
i have to remember this isnt reality
or is it reality?
can there honestly be beauty
in the death that surrounds me
in the mangled flesh that has become me?
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Rainbow of God
rainbow of god
today i saw a rainbow around the sun
as i stared at it
it became bigger and bigger
then it fell to the earth infront of me
i reached out my hand knowing exactly what would happen to me if i touched it
as i touched it i felt a warmth enter me
then suddenly a sharp pain as my left arm was exploded form the inside out
as blood and bone fragments peirced my face
i knew what i did
i know whats going to happen to me
I as the pain creeped through my body
one inch at a time
the tears i shed were all for not
for the pain i felt was nothing compared to the misery of the world
i knew that when i touched the rainbow
i was going to die....
but be transformed
from a mortal
to god..............
as god i knew that all i loved and all i have cared for
would lose all memory of me and never have known of my existance
but i was fine with this
im just a lonely shadow after all
i knew that in this form i would keep all of my loved ones
from having a horrible future
to prevent them from having
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 1 0
Forever lonely
I sit here with a smile on my face
As blood runs slowly down my veins
Im just so damn lonely
that these monsters i live with
are just so damn comforting
No need for humans
As i am lonely
without these creatures
Im so lonely
im burning
all my belonging
I want to escape from this so badly
Because i cant stand being so lonely
No need for breathing
Because im so lonely
No need for seeing
For there is nothing left to see
so let me just cut out my lungs
and lay my eyes on the glass
just enjoy my moments
with a trance dance
as halusinations set in
from the bleeding out
ill always remeber
im just so lonely
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 1 0
Untitled 243
untitled 432
All those arrows i sent you
you threw them all away
i gave you my heart
and you threw it all away
ill let my blood pour for you
but youll just throw it all away
ill dance a sad move
to the violin of the orchastra
of my ever lasting doom
im cast aside again
just like the monster within
fading in and out of the world
out of yours and everyone eles eyes
all those arrows i threw
i threw them all away
all the love i threw it all away
all the blood on the floor
i threw it all away
for never more
will i be death
at deaths door
for i have thrown it all away.
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Withering Heart
Withering Heart
I walk alone In this world
With no one to hold
Withering Heart
Just simply thoughts
That run through
My drunken mind
This pain that
Keeps following me
Will beThe thing that kills me
I'll leave
This misery
Just so that someone will love me
I just wantTo be held in someones arms
As my breath escapes my lungsFor the final time
I lookDeep into her eyes
My most beautiful friend
She's always there by my side
Her figure
Is so hollow
That I can bearly see her
Even in this
Blinding light
What's this feeling
That I'm getting
Deep inside my
Withering heart?
It's not hope in
What is coming next
But mearlyThe darkness
That has creeped in
I'm dying
I can feel it
I'm crying
With no tears left
I'm trying
To go with you now
Please dont leave me
My beautiful friend
She only comes to me
When I'm like this
She only finds me
When I'm like this
The sorrow
That brings her
Is followed by
The darkness
That surrounds her
With my last breath
Please let me kiss your lips
Just thi
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Cloudy Foggy Fear
cloudy foggy fear
by bluefir111
i want to kill this sad feeling
that i keep locked away inside of me
i want to slit its throat
and let it bleed all over me
i just want it to end
let the world escape
let my heart be free
to once again feel love again
I'm lost in this world
with nothing to see
I'm hopeless with out reality
I've wondered and pondered
for so many dreams
I'm lost
please wont you help me?
I've lost it
once again
my dreams my hopes
the things i hold so fucking close
it eats away at me
it peals my skin back
drowning me in a unwashable sorrow
of just pain and misery
my only escape was what brought me here
the one dream the hope i fear
the one love the lust that i held so clear
that's now cloudy foggy without a tear
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Mature content
What Will You Give? :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Just To See You Smile
Just To See You Smile
I'll give it all away
Just to see you smile
I'll let it all come down
And throw it all away
I'll let these holes in my heart
Bleed out into the holes in my veins
And let the world fade away
With my blood ill hope
I'll dream of a better day
Just to see you smile
I'll burn the world
And set the my body ablaze
Just to see you happy
Just to see you smile
I'll let my emotions fade
I'll let the wold be my pain
I'll let my eyes fall out
Just to feel your smile
I'll lose touch with the world
Lose all sense of my self
Just to know for once
You have smiled
:iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 0
Suzumibatchi by bluefir111 Suzumibatchi :iconbluefir111:bluefir111 0 4


The Crawling City will be back~! by Parororo The Crawling City will be back~! :iconparororo:Parororo 1,528 59 waterfall II by LXXT
Mature content
waterfall II :iconlxxt:LXXT 538 28
39268663 Arpeggio of Blue Steel Iona+Taka Mega by wenvell 39268663 Arpeggio of Blue Steel Iona+Taka Mega :iconwenvell:wenvell 12 0 Chocolat: Stocking PSG by katyuskamoonfox Chocolat: Stocking PSG :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 4,029 238 Found you!  by SonidazeCosplay Found you! :iconsonidazecosplay:SonidazeCosplay 30 9 Shimapan Angel by oyamaanza Shimapan Angel :iconoyamaanza:oyamaanza 221 34 Promo  77  By Azncosplaydeviants-d7g6zp4 by AZNCosplayDeviants
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Promo 77 By Azncosplaydeviants-d7g6zp4 :iconazncosplaydeviants:AZNCosplayDeviants 103 2
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Very well done. Wording is nicely sized and gives flare to a normally boring journal. Very interesting artwork that attracts the eyes a...


man last post i made here was on may 16th hmm lots of shit has happened so lets make a list
started DJing a lot Dj channel can be found here and here and some of my newer stuff will be on my youtube

umm got married yay

might be moving soon to either san diego or japan or greece

still doing the whole college thing

yup thats about it.
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jason hill
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I love to draw and write horror poetry. Most of my time is spend in college getting a degree in nanoscience and astrophysics so i dont post that much anymore.

Current Residence: california
Favourite genre of music: metal, death metal . and so on with the metal
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: none i like alot
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: i have an MP4 PLAYER DAMNIT
Shell of choice: something good to throw
Wallpaper of choice: blood
Skin of choice: bloodier
Favourite cartoon character: nny
Personal Quote: to live is to die to die is to live



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